Our Secret Code

by droning maud

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>> RUMORE "...Our Secret Code suona benissimo, rasserena gli animi, addolscisce l'inverno e nei suoi frangenti finali disseppelisce anzitempo dalla neve colori che sembravano ormai perduti..."

>> ROCKERILLA "...non c'è niente fuori posto, il mood alternative rock con strizzatine d'occhio al post-rock è azzeccata, un'accurata sezione ritmica e contaminazioni al silicio si fondono efficacemente ed i delicati incroci volcali funzionano a dovere..."

>> ROCKIT "...suoni così puliti e lucidi si muovono tra shoegaze e post rock con piglio ispirato e mai eccessivo, e i brani giocano tra le luci inesatte geometrie sonore che non sbagliano di un millimetro..."

>> SENTIREASCOLTARE "...se Corgan e i suoi [The Smashing Pumpkins] avessero fatto musica buona oggi, forse l’avrebbero immaginata più o meno così..."

>> SHIVER "...l’equilibrio sonoro sembra essere prerogativa della band, che per certi versi ricalca l’esperienza dei nostrani Giardini di Mirò..."

>> ROCKAMBULA "...una band che trova la propria maturità artistica non perdendo comunque l’entusiasmo della prima volta ...un disco che sinceramente ci voleva proprio..."

>> EXIT WELL "...tra indietronica e shoegaze... 10 brani prodotti da Amaury Cambuzat [ULAN BATOR]. Con l'aiuto di melodie sommesse ed emozionali, ma lontane dagli stereotipi del post-rock, i Droning Maud riescono nell'intento di evocare atmosfere invernali e nord-europee..."

>> INDIEPERCUI "...il concetto dominante, l'idea di fondo, è una cavalcata continua di sapori rock contaminati dalla musica che prende iniziativa di un suono carico di riverberi e atmosfere..."


released January 10, 2013

recorded at ACME Recording Studio - Raino (AQ)
mixed at Studio WAX - Rome
mastered by PAOLO MESSERE


all rights reserved



droning maud Rome, Italy

Band Members:
//A_MAURIZIO: vocal, guitar, e_bass and sampling
//ANDREA: guitar
//IACOPOSCHI: drums, electro percussion, words

//Jump'In Valley, RI, IT

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Track Name: //Sun jar
I fell the undertow on that side of the blackest hole
I see the end ...an act of war in the name of God

Love stay with me and keep me company
...and these words you don't forget!
The stage of Life rules against me ...when the Truth is on my lips

and all the things you bring to light
the time to read between the lines
into fire wood whit little lie
like the Truth, I'll never die!

and every time I turn around
and all the things are coming down
and everybody hit the ground

There's a place
where none of them will come
There's a place
where all come out right
Track Name: //Ghost
Wherever you go ...Whatever you do
...nothing can keep me from you

Follow me to a land across shining sea
...beyond the world the dream!
Track Name: //Nimbus
The clouds turn black ...just catch the breeze
Are you feeling something new?
A few drops of rain come back ...come again!

The enemy's guns ...out of the ditch
...don't hold your breath
the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak
Track Name: //Kill the skyscraper
Dirty water on a broken glass
White devil at your door
Strange flowers by the window
Blood money under your black shoes
Everyone is thinking it's all right
...it's all wrong

It is the voice
It is the face
It is the final Gestalt of imagination...
Behind the human race...

We are one
Love is the way
Did you swallow a magnet too?
I feel like ...I can't pull away ...away ...away

No matter how much I practice
I can't make drawings of you
Track Name: //Inside out
And I saw myself breathing in and out
I think of you ...but I can't leave my house
And I heard the voices coming through my dreams
I'm not alone where my soul can breathe

A good way to begin
...fear and desire bend down to me
...from place to place, one thing I found
Oh no you'll never let me down!

And I swam the ocean just to call your name,
you don't know the Will or voice that made
And now I can leave what is needed and full
...Pray I'm forgiven ...I'm growing old!

A good way to begin
...fear and desire bend down to me
...from place to place, one thing I found
Oh no you'll never let me down!
Track Name: //Now it fades now it's gone
and everyone is in love but me and everyone has a dream or two
a great genius for loneliness when I'm lying alone in my room...

and every word we speak can be a brick to build... a home
and now it's gone where I don't feel alone... at home

and everyone is trying to find a good way to begin to live
I'll close my eyes and smile... and now it fades across your skin!

and every word we speak can be a brick to build... a home
and now it's gone where I don't feel alone... at home
Track Name: //Led lights
I don't want to look outside in the middle of the night...
They are coming from the boats when the light is on my brow
A land that just can't get no peace...They are walking in my sleep
They are learning how to fall and I'll never dream alone...

And now I can see your eyes your face your smell I'll embrace
And now I left behind my life my soul my black rose dying...
Track Name: //The great divide
I dive into my mind and I swim in my thoughts
if I could go back in time...there is too far to go...
I feel screaming into the streets: "We once had a dream!"
if I could take a chance to find the happy mean...

...It was a blind time and every truth was gone!
When you drew me to your side ...you are right ...I was wrong
I will cast all our sins into the depths of the sea...
before the great divide..."We once had everything!"

My voice reach the sky and the road goes on with me...
before the great divide..."We once had everything!"
Track Name: //Oh Lord!
Oh Lord ...let's take control
I've see the sun rise and fall
Oh Lord ...now it's gone
The journey may be happy and free...
there's an heaven and there's a star for you ...and me!
Oh Lord ...across a burning lawn

and if you vastly improve the way
I can decide on a better state

...I'll lie by your side
...I'll take all my love
...I'll close my eyes
...and I'll bury the bones!

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